Becoming a Successful

Mama Boss

Taking Control of Your Life to Transition from Employee to Being Your Own Boss

Saturday, May 22nd

from 9am to 12pm EDT


Tickets: $27

Reap the Rewards of Being Your Own Boss

This workshop will help you identify what it is you truly want, and how you can create that vision for yourself. This is a time to get excited about your purpose, your future and your family’s future.


You'll learn how to:

  • Feel confident in your ability to create change and build a successful business.

  • Utilize mindset strategies and tools to really see the tangible results.

  • Design a crystal clear vision and the action plan to make that vision happen.

No More Waiting for Success to Come to You

You are going to learn how to take action, and take it now, and not wait for someone else to give you permission. Take control over your dreams, and build your success.


As a mother, you have a tremendous entrepreneurial spirit! You are creative. You have drive. You have heart. You can take the fear of failure and exchange it for true success!


It is time to true recognize your inner power, and lean into that desire of becoming the successful entrepreneur you have always wanted to be!

Our Support is Unconditional

We've been where you are, we believe in you, we will cheer for you, and we will help you. You're not alone. We are all in this together.


We will talk about the benefits of being your own boss, outline your path to success, and give you some actionable items to help you get started on your journey to being your own boss!

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I faced challenges, but they were mostly due to “errors” in my way of thinking (paradigms). I procrastinated, had a hard time being decisive/ making decisions, ran from the truth. These are the root causes for some of the challenges that manifested in my life ( poor relationship dynamics, no work-life balance, struggling financially, poor health etc).
I was able to expand my business ( 4 restaurants, over 30 employees), improve my overall health (lost 30 lbs and developing healthy habits), improved my relationships ( exploring more meaningful connections with my husband), more time money freedom (no longer feel strapped to the restaurants).
Most importantly, I am now in a positive mindset where I am proud of where I am, and am confident in where I will be going :)

Julia H.

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